All-in-One Environmental Monitoring

Securely linked for the future: A fitting Smart Building Security solution for any application

The ingeniously simple all-in-one system for the physical security of IT infrastructures and much more!

The Kentix MultiSensors keep what the name promises. They are equipped with multiple sensors for ambient monitoring, so you can capture all the important physical hazards for IT with just one device. The MultiSensors are a stand-alone solution, which can also be connected to a system to secure distributed mission critical infrastructures over buildings, cities or countries.

Secure your server room against more than 35 physical threats – with only one system!
Monitor your Greenhouse, Dairy Operation, Critical Areas of Hospitals, Pharmacies and Industry as well as Walk in Coolers and Freezers – Protect Your Investment!

Early detection and the direct reporting of threats is essential to avoid costly recovery processes. The use of a monitoring system for critical threats such as temperature, humidity, dew point, fire, power, movement and more, is part of the basic equipment of every IT environment. Kentix systems also offer the possibility to integrate external systems such as UPS, air conditioning systems, power supply, video technology and access.