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Everything From A Single Source. Intuitive, flexible MOBOTIX software solutions for video management, video analysis, and device control.

MOBOTIX specialize in making IP video security software that can be combined with their proprietary, fail-safe premium hardware to create an intelligent complete system. For security applications of all sizes – with no limits on the number of cameras or users. Both the video management system and the video analysis function are part of the MOBOTIX system solution. Moreover, software updates provided indefinitely and free of charge guarantee a fully integrated, future-proof system that yields a maximum possible return on investment.

MOBOTIX systems use a decentralized architecture to achieve the highest level of video quality with low bandwidth requirements. The powerful hardware and firmware built into each camera independently controls the intelligent video analysis, event detection, and storage management. MOBOTIX cameras now support the H.264 and ONVIF standards to enable integration into third-party systems. Furthermore, the MxPEG video codec guarantees the highest possible quality for photographic proof required for security-relevant applications.

Benefit of the New MxManagementCenter
  • Multi core & graphics card support – more cameras can by displayed simultaneously thanks to optimal utilization of computer hardware by MxManagementCenter
  • Flexible alarm notification – MxManagementCenter enables individual selection of cameras and events to be shown in the alarm bar
  • MxFlashFileSystem
  • Highly secure encryption – maximum data security
  • SD card as data buffer – bridges network failures of file server
  • Bandwidth optimized frame rate & resolution (playback & live)
  • Multi monitor & touch screen user interface – Drag&Drop and gesture control
  • Flexible Video Export
    MxMC allows the export of the complete video as an overview or the zoomed part of the image in different formats. This new function supports the export into different resolutions, frame rates, ­virtual PTZ views, including the transformation from 360° hemispheric (fisheye) to surround, panorama or special views independent from the export source.
  • Histogram with MxEventStatistics
    The display of events in a Histogram allows a fast graphical analysis of irregularities and related information. This is a perfect tool to get a quick overview of all events from the database, generated inside the camera without any additional PC.
  • Multi-Monitor-Capability
    MxMC offers setup and arrangement of dual or multi-monitor installations without any software costs. A simple double-click leads to the second monitor.
  • User Action Log
    MxMC supports a full user logging functionality of user actions like starting playback or export, switching audio on, etc. in order to establish a complete user protocol. In this way all user responses can be logged and documented to create a complete chain of evidence.

60-times High-speed Playback
MxMC includes different research tools to provide fastest results on events and recordings, comfortable research and in- depth analysis. 60-times high-speed playback with time lapse search reduces a 24-hour video footage down to nearly one minute for example.

  • Playback Analysis with Post Video Motion
    Automatic post video motion analysis allows high-speed search including time lapse of the complete video footage to find particular motion events. This will help to reduce playback research considerably
  • Adaptive Bandwidth Management
    High definition video is exclusively recorded by the MOBOTIX cameras. They are able to manage frame rates and image ­resolution, depending on the available bandwidth. Even during small bandwidth connections, virtual PTZ is able to zoom into areas of interest to retrieve every detail. This unique feature is available in both live video and playback.
  • Smart Alarm Filtering
    Different events in the individual camera configuration can be defined as an alarm. This way, you can focus on the most important events, which can be defined as alarms depending on the specific application. Immediate display change between events and alarms is supported as well.
  • Health check and lost connection detection
    If the recording path is not valid or accessible, you can analyze the correct server settings. Connection failures to cameras are directly shown for further investigation.

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