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Cameras for School Buses

If you have ever had your child bullied or falsely accused of wrongdoing on a school bus please read on…..

Increasingly interior cameras are becoming a standard feature in school buses. School Divisions are recognizing the need to monitor the school bus for a variety of reasons.

Having cameras installed and in use allow things like bullying behavior, situations where there is a disagreement (he said, she said for example), and even proof that a child was on the bus to be scrutinized. Coupled with a GPS sensor the bus location can be pinpointed when a situation occurs. An example of that is the actual location a student got on or off the bus. The map show the location and the video shows the student getting on or off the bus.

There are a number of different types of systems. Clearly InSight utilizes a 4 channel Mobile Digital Video Recorder or MDVR that is only slightly larger than a Samsung Galaxy S3, records to an SD Card of up to 64GB, can record up to 4 video and audio channels, D1 recording (D1 Resolution – 704 x 480), and a host of other features. The cameras supplied are metal turrets that will not only take a beating, they feature a high resolution 520TVL and a outstanding NightVision of 20 meters (64 Feet). This camera system is simple to install and easy to maintain, includes, 2 cameras, a microphone, all required cabling, instructions, and free software. Options include a GPS Sensor and extra SD Cards.

Saving and watching the video is as simple as removing the SD Card and inserting the card in a PC or laptop. Recorded video can easily be saved to the PC, USB Stick or burned to a DVD.

Pricing of these systems per bus averaged about $2500.00 just a couple of years ago, now they are available for under $1000.00.

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