Talking Mobotix

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Other camera brands talk about setting up a regular maintenance program for their cameras. That means either YOU have to do the maintenance or you have to PAY the installer to do this job. If you don’t have it done very likely something is going to happen to your system, probably sooner not later. Of course that’s when something happens that you really needed to have recorded.

Mobotix has gone beyond this by producing exceptionally high quality cameras with a failure rate of .01% over 10 years. That means that if you have installed 10,000 cameras you can expect only one to fail over the next 10 years.


Now if one of your “other brand” cameras were to fail then you will lose that viewable and recorded image for that one area and the rest of your cameras will continue. However what happens if your DVR/NVR stops working, then your whole system is down and you have nothing.

Mobotix uses a decentralized system meaning that each camera is a camera/NVR/storage device. So in the unlikely event that a Mobotix camera was to fail all you can lose is one view. All the other camera keep doing what they were engineered and manufactured to do.

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