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Keeping you, your family and your property safe, that is our focus.

Years ago we make the decision to handle the top quality products. That is why we feature the German engineered and manufactured MOBOTIX Vision Security system along with two other German made products, Kentix 360° Smart Building Security products and DoorBird IP Video DoorPhone. We have carefully selected other high quality manufacturers including BST Security - Made in Canada, ProVision-ISR - Made in Israel, and Samsung - Made in South Korea. We have a variety of other Brand Name manufacturers we can provide as well. We do supply many other support products for video storage, connection and power as well. We support what we sell!

Please if you have any questions or concerns please contact me directly: Gary Williams, President, Clearly InSight. Gary@ClearlyInSightIP.com or 204-800-3442

Security System Service

Our professional technicians are well trained on the products we carry and are very capable of servicing most other makes of Video Security products. We would welcome the opportunity to take over the servicing of your video surveillance system and required equipment and can also offer you maintenance contracts to sustain the integrity of your current system.

Contact us to learn more: E:Sales1@ClearlyInSightIP.com

The MOBOTIX Cactus Concept

Stay Untouched

MOBOTIX, have developed the unique cactus concept for the reliable and complete protection of end-to-end video systems against hacker attacks. It protect your from future attacks whenever anyone tries to turn your robust IT landscape into an IT wasteland.

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Integrated Intelligence

Intelligent MOBOTIX systems open up more options for solutions and applications that pay off in concrete terms.

Best Security Solutions.

Located centrally in Canada in Winnipeg, Manitoba; we seek clients that appreciate high quality products that deliver long lasting value. Whether it is a single security camera or a complete commercial security camera systems, installing a “Smart” surveillance system provides high definition video, analytics, activity sensor, and a system that is installed and “just works”. We can show you the difference between “Active Video Protection” and “Passive Video”.
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Find out why Mobotix is the best solution for your security requirements. Click to go to your Application or watch this video on the right to find out.

Monitor school buses to help ensure passenger and driver safety. A simple to install, easy to use system that provides up to D1 quality images.

The perfect solution. We offer unbeatable low total cost on all components needed to run an efficient gas station video surveillance system.

Public & private sectors are now using the advanced video surveillance to increase security in their facility and ensure safety of staff.

Our flagship product, the German engineered and manufactured MOBOTIX Security Vision system has proven to be extremely dependable, loaded with features, the most energy efficient and provides unsurpassed value.

TRUE 360°
Hi definition, true 360° allows one camera to be used in place of 4. Extremely low light cameras can see well in very low light conditions.

MOBOTIX provides MxActivitySensor; senses direction, substantially reduces false alarms, can send a message to you so you can check the situation on your smart phone, even count customers.

Power energy cost, overall Mobotix will use 1/3 or less of the energy vs. any IP or CCTV system. Average is less than 4W per camera.

Decentralized storage eliminates the need for a DVR/NVR and assorted other components. Very low bandwidth used for viewing.

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“The Bitterness Of Poor Quality Remains Long After The Sweetness Of Low Price Is Forgotten.”

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M15D – 6 Megapixel Sensors